Integrated measuring and testing

Measuring and testing processes

Reliability, quality, and endurance of your product will already commence with the manufacture thereof.
Numerous production parameters provide information about a successful assembly process. Early detection of loopholes contributes to preclude part failures and to carefully use existent resources. A final functional test provides information and safety about the warranty of the technical specifications of your product.

Monitoring of assembly processes
Each production step has its technological limits.
Tolerances of bought-in parts, operating errors or incorrect loading as, for instance, in case of type changes are other aspects which may cause defects on the final product.
By means of selected measuring equipment, our assembly lines are able to detect such errors and to response thereto accordingly. According to your specifications, we jointly define strategies to monitor such production measurands as forces, moments, paths, tightness or flow rates without losing sight of the cost-to-benefit ratio or cycle time.
Via agreed interfaces, Go/No-go assessments same as measured values can be transmitted to higher-level systems and significantly contribute to the traceability of production process.


Control of product characteristics

By means of all-around monitoring of assembly processes, you can be assured that your product was manufactured in compliance with the parameters agreed. A statement about the correct functionality of your product, however, can be made only after a final test.
Switching states, value outputs, signal/time patterns or mechanical characteristics:
We will jointly search for strategies to test your product for strict adherence to the product characteristics specified by you. Benefit from our long-term experience.