laser coating of brake discs

Wear protection due to laser cladding

With laser cladding you can solve a wide variety of coating tasks efficiently and with low distortion. The process is particularly suitable for the coating of component segments that are function-determining and subject to wear. It can be used both as a substitute for the ecologically difficult chemical chromium plating process and for coating break discs in order to significantly reduce their fine dust emissions and their tendency to corrosion.


We develop and manufacture laser powder deposition welding systems for you as a stand-alone system, automated solution or for integration into your manufacturing process. We are also happy to take on the laser powder cladding of your components in series.


Advantages of the process

  • adjustable layer thickness
  • adjustable property gradients in the layer system
  • adjustable hardness level
  • adjustable surface characteristics
  • independent of geometry, coating process adjustable via software
  • lowest heat input
  • extremely low distortion
  • usually only minor rework required
  • can be automated and integrated into the ongoing production process


Typical applications

  • substitute for chemical chromium plating
  • coated break discs
  • production of wear-resistant and oxidation-resistant surfaces
  • recommended for local coatings, also for smallest areas
  • particularly for component segments subject to wear in order to improve friction, sliding and abrasion resistance
  • armoring of tools and equipment
  • repair welding of large components


Which materials can be coated?

  • Tempered steel
  • Tool steel
  • Cast iron
  • Thermo-chemically treated steels
  • Rust and acid resistant steels
  • Nitriding steels
  • High-speed steel


Laser beam sources used

  • Diode laser
  • Disc laser
  • Fiber laser