Generation of cavities with ECM-contouring

Electrochemical contouring is used to generate cavities on components. A commonly rotation-symmetrical tool is introduced through a hole into the component. By electrochemical erosion, a cavity is produced whose diameter exceeds the diameter of initial hole (aspect ratio up to 2:1 and more). Said cavities can also be made either one-sided or asymmetrically.

Benefits of process

  • Form-machining by ECM or PECM (Pulsed Electrochemical Machining)
  • Generation of undercuts
  • Establishing connections of closely spaced holes inside the work pieces along with simultaneous chamfering of intersections
  • Improvement of flow-related characteristics of work pieces
  • Avoiding mechanical and thermal loads thanks to non-contact machining at room temperature


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Application example


  Housings | iron-nickel-basis-alloy | aspect ratio ≥ 2,0 | 18s Process time | Result: diameter D1=5,5 (starting hole) and diameter D2=11,6 (chamfer) | repeat accuracy, high removing of material ±0,01g