deburred drillings on a housing by electrochemical metal working

Electrochemical deburring

laser welding process
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Technology know-how made to measure

Series production at SITEC is active in various fields of technology. Manifold tasks and topics are permanently upgraded and solved in close co-operation with the in-house technology development division.


Laser-material machining as core competence of SITEC

  • Welding, 3D-cutting and hardening
  • We also process single parts to sub-assemblies or ready-to-install components


Micro and precision processing as core competence of SITEC

  • Laser micro processing: Structuring, 2D- and 3D-ablation, drilling and cutting
  • Mechanical precision processing
  • By combining different methods, we process single parts to assemblies or components ready for installation.


Electrochemical material machining as core competence of SITEC

  • EC-deburring, EC-countersinking, EC-drilling, EC-contouring
  • We machine and refine components according to customer’s requests


Assembly technology

  • We assemble and handle components or sub-assemblies manually or automatically with regard to an efficient overall process chain.


Testing technology

  • We perform required necessary test concept up to 100% automated testing processes among others with camera detection or inline process monitoring systems.


Cleaning technology

We use up-to-date washing installations and methods to machine and deliver the components under best possible conditions.