SITEC connACT – Empower your production performance

The performance of your machines is close to our heart. Quickly and safely, we guarantee you a professional service with added value.


Production Performance – Optimization made easy

With SITEC connACT, we offer you an integrated platform in all our plants for continuous process visualization, expert analysis and other services from the e-ticket system to spare parts management.


SITEC connACT – Perfectly matched to your needs.

Ensuring and optimizing system availability

Designing processes systematically and safely

Detecting anomalies at an early stage

Deriving cost-optimized measures

Seamless integration into the customer data ecosystem


SITEC connACT – Intuitive. Clear. Customized.


Performance Data

Energy Registration


System Status



E-Ticket System

Document Explorer





  Illustrations include optional equipment


The following overview provides information on the digital service models.


SITEC connACT – at a glance.



By using OPC-UA, we support the openness and interoperability of SITEC connACT in our customers' data ecosystem. This integration allows us to offer innovative products and solutions that enable seamless communication and efficient data transfer, thereby increasing our customers' efficiency.