Products in series manufacture

SITEC manufactures customer products for various fields of application. The products and services are created in close co-operation with the in-house and established machine and plant construction.

Engine and gear components

  • Fuel lines and fuel supply units on modern combustion engines
  • Special parts in the torsional damper for vibration optimising between engine, gear transmission, and drive train

Drive-train and chassis components

  • Joints of drive shafts in new vehicle generations
  • Solenoid valves for convenient damper variants of vehicles
  • Trailer hitches


Safety and comfort components

  • Gas housings of vehicle airbags as essential occupant safety
  • Recliners of vehicle seats for a convenient and safe seat backrest

Renewable energies

  • Bipolar plates as welded assembly for stack manufacture of fuel cells


Other applications

  • Electronic sub-assemblies, contacts, measuring sensors, optical glass components.




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