Burr-free drilling with ECM

Electrochemical drilling includes the introduction of geometries into the depth of work pieces by means of electrochemical sinking. Typically, the tool is then moved towards and/or into the work piece so that stationary process parameters can be set.

Benefits of process:

  • Generation of round and non-round holes of various dimensions
  • Feed rates up to 3 mm/min and beyond as a function of material
  • Machining of good- and hard-to-machine materials
  • Generation of several closely spaced holes at the same time (diameter and position tolerance ± 0.03 mm and better)
  • Tangential holes on cylindrical work piece can be made without any problems
  • Simultaneous generation of defined edge chamfers on the entry and exit of hole without additional operation (0.10 mm and bigger)
  • Excellent reproducibility of machining results and optimal surface finish thanks to the use of pulsed technology (PECM – Pulsed Electrochemical Machining)


Application example


ECM Bohren von Hohlwellen  Work piece sleeve shaft (outlet of hole inside)
Machining task

30 holes Ø 3,5 with defined chamfer outside and inside

Material 16MnCr5 (1.7131)
Process time 100 s (wall thickness ca. 3 mm)
Repeat accurancy ± 0,10 mm (position and diameter)


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