Press-Soldering in Series Production

Make use of our technology competence in making shaft-hub joints according to the press-soldering process.
We develop the technological solution to meet your individual demands and manufacture right from the prototype up to small- and large-size batches.
The Principle
Press-Löten von Welle-Nabe-Verbindungen

1. Making the solder layer of Cu, Al, ZN by friction deposit soldering of shaft or hub

2. Joining by transverse and longitudinal pressing, Joining of parts with oversize

3. Twisting: Turning and positioning of joined parts with torque monitoring, 

    Diffusion processes are to strengthen the press-soldered joint


What are the benefits of this  process?

  • Minor constructive expenditure
  • Reduced production costs thanks to higher manufacturing tolerances
    unlike conventional press-fit joints
  • Lightweight construction thanks to compact design with equal transmission capability
  • No thermal deformation of parts to be joined by welding heat 
  • Increase of torque transmission by three times
  • Completely automated interlinking possible
  • 100% monitoring of joining, testing, and twisting processes


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