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The ongoing Corona pandemic continues to complicate overseas activities in China. A safe entry is only possible with continuous checking of the Corona and quarantine regulations. However, these rules are constantly changing due to the controllability of the pandemic. Furthermore, according to the German Foreign Office, there are “risks associated with international travel, especially for persons without full vaccination protection”.


Are you currently unable to send your employees to Asia? Then you can rely on SITEC's service for your Chinese facilities.


SITEC Laser Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. offers you long-standing as well as comprehensive expertise in the fields of re-installation, service and maintenance of automated assembly, laser processing and electrochemical metal processing in the APAC area, especially in China.


Whether you decide to install or maintain your products or production equipment, we will support you from the very beginning as a service partner, supplier of spare and wear parts as well as commissioning and optimization of your equipment.


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Your contact to SITEC Laser Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.:


Elvis Han Arnt Pinkert
Office Manager Service Manager APAC
+86.18516789747 +86.13062871730


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