Laser micro processing – precision down to the smallest detail


By a hair's breadth and even much finer – when it comes to accuracy and top quality, high-tech laser systems take the center stage at SITEC. These high-performance machines are used for microscopic processing of various workpieces. The spectrum of possible applications is huge: any pattern structures can be produced, from simple lines, dots, and circles to grid- and wave-shaped arrangements. Down to the micrometer range, it is possible to structure (selective) surfaces of diverse materials. The selection varies from stainless steel and polymers to inorganic, non-metallic materials such as ceramics.


In order to produce components and assemblies for their individual areas of application, laser welding, laser fine cutting and laser hardening processes as well as micro processes (structuring, ablation, cutting, drilling) in the 3D space are used. SITEC uses different laser beam sources, such as CW lasers, short-pulse, and ultrashort-pulse lasers in infrared, green, and ultraviolet wavelengths.


Structuring and ablation


Formation of proportionally structured geometries in order to deliberately modify the technical characteristics, such as frictional properties, of a surface. The size of the individual element can be in the micrometer range.


Realizable structures:


  • Creation of detailed 3D free-form surfaces
  • Selective ablation of thin layers without damaging the carrier substrates
  • Structuring of coated components
  • Segmented, spiral-shaped structural surfaces (helices)
  • Linear structural elements (e.g., angles) on cylindrical surfaces
  • Optional spirals on spherical surfaces, burr-free, and with high structural quality


Abb. 1: Shaft bearing seat


Micro drilling


Execution of cylindrical, conical or elliptical drilling shapes that can be varied in size, shape, and angles of attack as desired. Sharp-edged, burr-free contours with the smallest wall thicknesses and land widths are executed at high speed (up to 1,000 holes/ min).


Typical applications:


  • Drilling of filter elements, screens, and wafers for solar panels.


Abb. 2: Stainless steel membrane of an inhaler


Fine cutting


Cutting through solid substances using continuous or pulsed laser radiation by melting or ablating the material – highly productive, precise and burr-free.


Typical applications:


  • Cutting of 2D and 3D contours
  • Fine cutting of thin sheets and foils (from 0.01 mm)
  • Fine cutting of extremely large aspect ratios


Abb. 3: Fine cutting of defined grid patterns


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