AMPS project meeting at SITEC



On May 16, the project partners met at SITEC to jointly evaluate the current status and progress of the European Union-funded "AMPS" project. The on-site meeting provided an ideal opportunity for intensive exchange and discussion.


The international AMPS project team met in May for the M12 meeting at our headquarters in Chemnitz, Germany. All partners attended to analyze the progress of the project to date and to develop joint strategies for the future. The focus was on implementing key improvements to the SOC cells and the stack manufacturing process.


The following topics were also covered:


  • Strengthening quality control measures
  • Optimizing waste management
  • Developing techniques for maximum welding speeds
  • Automating assembly processes for stacking
  • Develop a digital twin for the entire manufacturing process


These technical activities promise positive economic and environmental outcomes for SOFC/SOEC/rSOC end-products.


About AMPS

AMPS, which stands for "Automated mass production of Solid Oxide Cells Stacks", is a Horizon Europe-funded project (€8.7 million budget, €6.6 million funding) that started in June 2023. It is a strong European collaboration, coordinated by VTT, bringing together large companies and research institutions. The project focuses on the development, demonstration and validation of efficient high-volume production techniques and quality control measures for the manufacture of SOC components and stacks, which will be explored in real-time production environments.


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