Laser machines of LS series for integration in automated machine systems
laser machines of LS series in stand-alone-version: compact and individually configurable.
laser machines of LS series with rotary switch table for more efficiency through shorter cycle times.
laser machine of LS series for cutting of small metal sheets: compact, automated and highly precise
CNC Laser machines of LS series

Manual up to automated laser machines

Laser machines of the LS series will allow you a smooth entry into laser material machining. Their compact and, at the same time, variable construction will perfectly meet your requirements.


Laser-material machining

  • laser machining for welding, clean welding, cutting, drilling, hardening, and structuring
  • micro processing
  • integration of CO2 , Nd: YAG, diode, fibre or disk-type lasers and ultra-short pulsed laser


Manual and automated solutions

  • Palletising systems
  • Bar loaders
  • Coil feed systems roll-to-roll (R2R)
  • Pick-and-place systems
  • Robots


laser standard machines of series LS55P




Compact standard design of the LS with integrated control cabinet and operating console for automation modules that can be connected on one side.


laser machine LS series for integration in automated production machines




The slim design with separate control cabinet is suitable for coupling automated plant systems on both sides. It is controlled via a mobile control unit.


laser standard machine LS series 85C




The rotary table variant allows machining parallel to the cycle time with simultaneous loading and unloading.


laser standard machine of series LS85C for precise laser cutting



Thanks to the flexible integration of the laser beam source, the cutting optics and the cutting table, the LS series is suitable for laser fine cutting of sheet sizes up to max. 1000 x 800 mm.


You may experience various sizes of construction and equipment variants in action in our own series production and laser technology centre. Simply configure the laser machine you desire. We will take care of the details.