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Contract manufacturing in series

The division series production develops and manufactures welded assemblies, laser cut, laser hardened and electrochemically machined components for the automotive industry such as in engines, powertrain, car safety, car comfort as well as electro mobility and acts as a supplier for telecommunication technology, measurement and renewable energy technology.

As an automotive components supplier, we are certificate to ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

Since 1997, SITEC has been delivering large-series components for automotive industry.

SITEC supports its customers in technology and product development up to large-series production for quantities as from 50,000 parts up to several million pieces per year in the core technologies laser-machining, electrochemical metalworking and mechanical manufacture - inhouse or in cooperation.


During the product development process we support our customers with


  • Feasibility studies, e.g. regarding weldability and hardenability
  • Conception of fixture mechanisms
  • Determination of process, production, and test parameters
  • Advice on material selection, constructive design, drawing specifications, component design
  • Manufacturing of samples and prototypes

The complete package of our services includes also


  • Pre-treatment and after treatment of parts e.g. laser ablation
  • Assembly of parts
  • Start-up protection upon purchasing machines by SITEC
  • Realisation of capacity peaks