Spinnerets for high-quality hollow fibres

SITEC spinnerets allow you to produce customised hollow fibres for innovative membrane systems, microcapillaries and hoses. We develop and produce precision hollow-fibre spinnerets using cuttingedge, highly accurate micro-machining technology. These enable significant improvements in filtration and separation.

We will work with you to produce the best solution for your requirements.


Medizintechnik Medical technology
  • Manufacture of membranes for material separation
  • Manufacture of microcapillaries and hoses
Umwelttechnik Environmental technology
  • Manufacture of membranes for ultrafiltration of water
  • Manufacture of membranes for biogas treatment
Chemical industry Chemical industry
  • Manufacture of membranes for gas separation

The benefits to you of 10-times more precise orifice geometry*

  • 20 % reduction in spinning-solution consumption due to reduced wall thickness of hollow fibres
  • 7 % improvement in osmotic clearance in the fibre composite
  • Near 0 % reject fibres
  • Reproducible, homogeneous fibre geometry
  • Identical hollow-fibre quality from each spinneret on a nozzle block
  • Process stabilisation due to reduced cross section of precipitant channel


Product features

  • Precipitant channel diameter ≥ 40 μm
  • Precision ± 1 μm
  • Concentricity ≤ 2 μm
  • Sharp-edged, burr-free contours
  • Extremely fine surface roughness Ra ≤ 0,2 μm


Quality control

We manufacture hollow-fibre spinnerets of consistently high quality with outstanding dimensional accuracy. SITEC’s thorough quality planning and targeted quality assurance
procedures ensure components function flawlessly. Continuous optical, fluidic and geometric testing guarantees your specifications are complied with.


* compared with conventionally manufactured spinnerets, depending on application and osmotic process