Deburring, sinking, drilling and gallery forming

Thanks to the electrochemical metal working (ECM) various processing tasks can be managed in an economical, reproducible, process-reliable and ecologically clean way.

The process has many advantages. For example, sensitive parts can be processed contact-free and no further deburring is required. Furthermore, the following points speak in favor of the ECM processing:


  • No process-related wear and tear of cathodes (tools)
  • No microstructural changes thanks to machining at indoor temperature
  • No unwanted surface abrasion
  • High reproducibility
  • Reduction of deburring time due to the use of multiple fixtures

A reliable process in the industry

The application possibilities in practice are various:


  • Machining of almost all electrically conductive materials
  • Machining of hard-to-reach spots
  • Making defined radii and edge chamfers
  • Generating contours and holes
  • Marking of work pieces
  • Structuring of surfaces
  • Machining of thin-walled, filigreed and complex work pieces
  • Precision-machining, in particular, of gear, engine, hydraulic and pneumatic components

Easy entry with the ES series

Whether deburring, drilling, sinking or gallery forming, the compact and variable design of ECM machine the ES series adapts perfectly to your requirements.

It consists of a user-oriented, standardised machine concept and modularised generator technology. The ES128P offers economical and flexible solutions for electrochemical deburring, drilling, countersinking or recessing for a wide range of product requirements. It can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated solution in your automated manufacturing process.