automated assembly and laser machine for diesel injection components
linked assembly line for an automated process
automated assembly and laser machine for membranes for aerosol generators
automated assembly machine for injection pumps

Individual assembly lines made to measure

Long-term experience acquired in development and manufacture of partly up to fully automated assembly lines is a guarantor for your production reliability. Whether simple or complex – your individual demands made on versatility, development of production runs and model variety are always the focal point for selecting the optimised system type. All machine and product data will be monitored thus ensuring high availability and quality of your products.


  • Fully automated lines
  • Interlinked systems
  • Rotary transfer machines
  • Robotic solutions
  • Manual workstations
  • Hybrid systems


Using our standardised line system VARIOMODUL®, we consistently place great emphasis on the principle of modularity. The system is characterised by high flexibility, can be quickly implemented and modified and enables you to respond to dynamic market developments with high efficiency.Included in VARIOMODUL® are:


  • Standardised basic VARIOMODUL® modules
    Base surface areas 1,800 x 1,100 mm, 1,300 x 1,100 mm, 850 x 1,100 mm


  • Standard processes
    - Joining modules with force-path monitoring
    - Pneumatic and hydraulic joining modules
    - Screwing systems with torque-angle monitoring
    - Measuring and testing modules
    -Laser-processing modules


  • Standard handling equipment
    - Rotary indexing tables
    - Work-carrier transfer systems
    - Robots


  • Standard peripherals
    - Palletising systems
    - Feeding equipment for bulk goods
    - Storage facilities/storage buffers
    - Sorting equipment


VARIOMODUL® is a product of SITEC Industrietechnologie GmbH.